Madden NFL 18, the best edition of all time

Madden NFL

On August, 25, 2017 Madden NFL 18 got released. Before the game got released and also after the release, experts say this release is the best release of the Madden game in history. You can almost say it’s a fact. In this release, a lot of parts in the game are improved and there are a lot of big changes. Do you want to know more about this “best” NFL release in history? Just read this blogpost and found out all about the Madden 18 release.

The biggest trophy of the Madden 18 release

The greatest thing about Madden NFL 18 is the fact there is a full story mode on this new edition. Previous year it started with the EA FIFA 17 edition story mode. A great success with a sequel in FIFA 18. The story mode is a whole new element in the EA sports world. And now, the second year, there is another EA sports game who got the story mode involved, Madden NFL 18. On this story mode you can guide a player from high school to the pro’s, this story mode is called longshot.

The greatest improvement of the NFL 18 release.

The Madden 18 release is known for the greatest improvements in the NFL game since the start. One of those great improvements is of course the appearing of the story mode called longshot. On the EA sports site you can find this edition of Madden NFL is all about player control, more than ever before. You can see the differences when you are playing the game.

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